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Alumni List
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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
A Naeem Khan DurraniM.Sc.  19651970PerthShahjahanpurViqarul Mulk
A.B.M Abdul Hye SiddiqM.comAustralis Institute of Technology and Education19941997LakembaBangladeshNRSC
Aadil Nabi BhatDoctorateParsons Brinckerhoff Australia19992005PerthSrinagarMohsinul-Mulk
Aal E AliM.Sc 19761984SydneyAzamgarhSir Sulaiman
Aamir AkhtarB.EnggWestern Power19911996PerthAligarhNRSC
Abbas Raza Alvi Alvis Marketing Pty Ltd19691971SydneyFatehgarhNRSC
Abdul SalamM.Sc (GEOLOGY)ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY20062011SydneyBalliaViqarul Mulk
Abdul Wadood Wadood KhanM.PhilHealth and Ageing19821991CanberraBlramampurMohsinul-Mulk
Abid (Construction Technology and Management)Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited20022009AdelaideSiwanSir Ziauddin
Adnan Ali KhanB Tech 20002006BrisbaneAligarhNRSC
Afreen Munawwar NA19931999SydneyAligarhAbdullah
Ahmad Faheem still studying19952003MelbourneAligarhMinto Circle
Ahmad Munawwar Zaidi Grange Marketing19942004SydneyAligarhNRSC
Ahmad Saaduddin KidwaiB.Tech Mechanical (2006)SKF Australia Pty Ltd19992006BrisbaneBarabankiNRSC
Ahmad TabishPursuing B.Tech. III Year Chemical Engineering, ZHCETAMU, ALIGARH20082014BrisbaneAligarhNRSC
Ahsan KhanMasters in Engineering Sciences, Monash UniversityAurecon, Heavy Haul Rail19891995BrisbaneAligarhNRSC
Ahsan Mohd. Khan Queensland Government Environmental Protection Agency19651973BrisbaneGhazipurSir Sulaiman
Akhtar KalamPhDVictoria University19691973MelbourneKolkataSir Sulaiman
Alikkal Muhammad Ameir central queensland university20002003Gold CoastPattambiMohd Habib
Almas Munawwar  19911998SydneyAligarhSarojni Naidu
Altamash KhanM.Arch.Collage Design20012006SydneyCalcuttaSir Syed(N)
Ambreen Hasan  19952006AdelaideAligarhNRSC
Amir KushruB.TechTransACT Communication19972001CanberraPatnaMohsinul-Mulk
Ammar Kaleem BakhshB. Tech. (Electrical)Student at QUT Gardens Point20112015BrisbaneAzamgarhNadeem Tarin
Anas Khan  20002008MelbourneAligarhNRSC
Anjum Ali  20012005SydneyBhimtalNRSC
Anjum Ali  20022004SydneyNainitalNRSC
Anshul Maheshwari  19962002SudneyAligarhNRSC
Anshul Srivastava  19891996MelbourneAligarhNRSC
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