چہرہ و نام ایک ساتھ آج نہ یاد آ سکے  |   وقت نے کس شبیہ کو خواب و خیال کر دیا (Parveen Shakir)
Alumni List
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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Abdul Kadir KhanMCAHawassa University20002008HawassaAmrohaRoss Masood
Asfaw Wassie Hawassa University20052008AwassaAddis AbabaNRSC
Babar JavedMaster of Urban and Rural Planning (IIT Roorkee)University of Gondar (Ministry of Education, Ethiopia)20052012GondarAzamgarhNadeem Tarin
Faizan Mustafa Amu19821991Addis AbabaAligarhAftab
Hagos Berhane DEC19972005Addis AbabaAddis AbabaNRSC
Khalid Siraj Dr.Ph.D In ChemistryMinistry of Higher Education, Ethiopia.19922004JimmaDhakaSir Syed(N)
Md Asif RajaM.TechUniversity of Gondar, Ethiopians20052012GondarKishanganjNadeem Tarin
Md Selim RezaPhDProject Manager, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan(INBAR), East Africa Regional Office, Youbek Commercial Complex, Mexico City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia19901996Addis AbabaMurshidabadAllama Iqbal
Mitiku Ayele AgenaPhDHawassa University19961998HawassaSawlaNot Available
Mulugeta Gebrehiwot  19972005Addis AbabaAddis AbabaNRSC
Neyaz Sheikh Addis Ababa University19881996Addis AbabaSrinagarSir Ziauddin
Pradeep SharmaLL.MHawassa University, (Ministry of Education, Ethiopia)19952004HawassaLucknowSir Syed(N)
Saghir Ahmad Ansari . AMU19771988Addis AbabaAligarhSir Sulaiman
Sirajul Haque Khan Ministry of Education,Ethiopia19741979Addis AbabaSiddharth NagarAftab
Tanweer AzamPh.D Botany Jimma University, Ethiopia19992010JimmaGopal GanjRoss Masood
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