us se milne ki tamanna bhi bahut hai lekin  |   aane jaane meiN kiraya bhi bahut lagta hai (Rahat Indori)
Alumni List
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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Isaldeen Mustafa AmayraPhD- Political Science -West Asian Studies----19962003AjlounAjlounNRSC
Abedel-Ellah Abeabuh AlazzamB.comSenior accountant 19972002IrbidIrbidNRSC
Abedel-Ellah Abedrabuh 19972002IrbidIrbidNRSC
Afzal HaqueMBAArabian Group For Investment & Internaltion Trading19901998AmmanPatnaSir Sulaiman
Ahmad Hussein Abu-MahfouzAligarh Muslim UniversityBalqa Applied University19891994AmmanAmmanNRSC
Bassem Kassap Flah Al-Zuod STUDENT19982001Al-ZarqaAl-ZarqNRSC
Eba'A Fakhree Mohammad Mallak student of master19982000IrbidIrbidNRSC
Eba'A Fakhree Mohammad Mallak  19982001IrbidIrbidNRSC
Emad Mohammad Al-SaydatPh.D.Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, Ma'an, Jordan19881994Ma'anMa'anNRSC
Firas Ahmad AleshoushB.A FROM ALIGARH MUSLIM UNIVERSITY.A.M.U 20062009AlkarakAlkarakNRSC
Firas Ahmad AliB.A and M.A 20062009AlkarakAlkarakNRSC
Isam Abdul Raouf Al Hassan teaching math's19861992AmmanAmmanNRSC
Iyad Mowafaq student20042007AmmanAmmanNRSC
Jafar Ayed MaaitahMAELTAlbalqa' Applied University19982000AmmanAmmanNRSC
Jamal Ahmad MohammadPh.D in English LiteratureQOU , Palestine19922000AmmanWest BankNRSC
Khalid Rifat Aludayli University Teacher19871996ZarqaZarqaNRSC
Khalid Rifat Al-Udayli Dr.Ph.DUniversity of Hail, Saudi Arabia19871996JordanJordanNRSC
Mohammad Alkurdi  19941999AmmanAmmanNRSC
Mohd. Ashraf Ahmad Indo Jordan Chemicals Limited, Jordan19962002AmmanGayaAllama Iqbal
Nader T M Al-Saleh royal jordanian19952000ZarqaZarqaNRSC
Naser Abdul Fatah Isam.a educationUNRWA19861992TulkaremTulkaremNRSC
Naser IsaM.A EducationUNRWA19861992TulkaremTulkaremNRSC
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