ghar kii vahashat se larazataa huu.N magar jaane kyo.n  |   shaam hotii hai to ghar jaane ko jii chaahataa hai (Iftikhar Arif)
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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
.Hasan ZaidiPh.D(in progress) from IITDSchool of Display and Chemical Engineering Yengunam University19881999DaeguAligarhNRSC
Abdus SamadPhDIndian Institute of Technology Madras/ Seoul National University19972004SeoulBirbhumNadeem Tarin
Abu SeenaPh.D 19902006SeoulAligarhNRSC
Abuizar KhanPh.D 20032013SnichonAzamgahMohsinul-Mulk
Afzal HusainMastersInha University19962005IncheonFirozabadNadeem Tarin
Ahmad UmarPHDChonbuk National University, South Korea and Najran University, Saudi Arabia19972004JeonjuBastiSir Syed(N)
Alam NawazPhD in Chemical EngineeringYeungnam University, South Korea20002007Eun-DongFatehgarhViqarul Mulk
Anima Sharma  19962006SuwonAligarhNRSC
Arshad Waseem KhanB. Sc. Engg CivilHyundai Heavy Industries19831990Dang GuHardoiSir Syed(S)
Faheem AhmedPh.D (Nanotechnology)Post Doc Fellow, Changwon National University, South Korea20002009ChangwonAmrohaSir Sulaiman
Fauzia HafeezB.Com 20002006SeoulBuland SheherNRSC
Iasef Md Rian  19992005Inha UniversityMaldaNadeem Tarin
Imteyaz Ahmad LG Electronics19992003KoreaMadhubaniSir Sulaiman
Jamal Akhter SiddiquiPh.D (Chemistry)Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Gwangju, South Korea20072011GwangjuAllahabadViqarul Mulk
Khalid AnwarB.E.(Mech-2008)INHA University,Korea-doing master20012008IncheonNawadaRoss Masood
Khalid RashidMScSeoul National University20002003SeoulAllahabadMohd Habib
M.N Shaikh  19982004SeoulMurshidabadSir Sulaiman
Mallick Shamshi Hassan CHONBUK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY19932001JeonjuJamshedpurMohsinul-Mulk
Md Wasi AhmadPhD 19972006DaeguBhagalpurMohd Habib
Mohammad Ehtisham KhanMaster in Technology (Nanotechnology)PhD in Yeungnam University ( South Korea)20072013GyeongsanAligarhNRSC
Mohammad Mansoob Mansoob Khan Dr.PhDDepartment of Chemistry, A.M.U. Aligarh19922003Gyeongsan-SiSultanpurMohd Habib
Mohammad Mobin Chungbuk National University19882001Cheon-JuBalliaViqarul Mulk
Mohammad Shaheer AkhtarPh.D. 20022004JeonjuGorakhpurSir Syed(N)
Mohammad VaseemPh.D.Chonbuk National University20002006JeonjuGondaSir Syed(S)
Mohd FaiyazMScGIST Korea20062013Gwangju Orong DongMohammadi Lakhimpur KheriAftab
Mohd Sayeed AkhtarPh.DChonbuk National University, South Korea20102011JeonjuGorakhpurSir Syed(N)
Moshaddique Al AmeenPhD (Information and Communication Engineering)Kyung Hee University, Suwon, Korea19962002SuwonGuwahatiViqarul Mulk
Mubashshir Ahmad Ansari  19932002IncheonAligarhNRSC
Nishat ArshiM.ScChangwon National University20052010ChangwonRampurSarojni Naidu
Ripan Kumar Biswas yes19982001SeoulDhakaNRSC
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