taRap kar jigar muNh ko aa jaaye hai  |   use dekh kar kab rahaa jaaye hai (Firaq Gorakhpuri)
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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Ahmed Siddig Osman M.O.H19861992KhartoumKhartoumSir Sulaiman
Ali Elnour Elzain Tech. Manager19861989KhartoumKhartoumMohd Habib
Ammar Ahmed Mohamed Ahmedpost graduat diploma u.of.k sudancentral bank of sudan19881993KhartoumKhartoumMohd Habib
Dirar Abdoun NO20062008KhrtoumKhrtoumNRSC
Elmouiz Mohammed student19861989MadaniMadaniMohd Habib
Hammadelnil Ibrahim Balalma public ad amupolice officer19861991KhartoumKhartoumSir Ziauddin
Hyder Abbas HusseinPhD Economics - Sudan university of Sciencecentral bank of Sudan 19881990Khartoum NorthKhartoumMohd Habib
Ibrahim  19861989KhartoumKhartoumAftab
Kamal Ahmed YassienMA ECONOMICSNEC - SUDAN19851991KhartoumKhartoumMohd Habib
Khalid Ali Osman accountant19941999New HalfaNew HalfaNRSC
Khalid Mohamed OsmannonNEC - Sudan19881992KhartoumKhartoumSir Sulaiman
Md Sharfe AlamPGDMMEurostar Group19982004KhartoumDarbhangaSir Syed(N)
Musaab Ahmed ADMINISTRATOR19901993KhartoumKhartoumAftab
Najmaldeen Yousuf SulimanPG diplomaB.G.Trading Turkey19861989Wad MadaniKhartoumMohd Habib
Tarig Hassabelrasoul Omer AliM.Com. Accountancy (Bhopal University) (1994-1995)SUDAN AIRWAYS CO.19891993KhartoumKhartoumSir Sulaiman
Yassir Mohd Ahmed Omer GINGKO INVESTMENT COMPANY LTD.19941998KhartoumKhartoumNRSC
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