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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Aadil JamalB. Sc. EnggELMACS CO.LLC19992003Abu DhabiMotihariSir Ziauddin
Abdul Mobeen KhanMBAEmircom19911997Abu DhabiSrinagarRoss Masood
Abdul Rahiman K AM.B.A 19711977Abu DhabiErnakulamSir Syed(S)
Abid Masood Al farra Construction ,UAE19861993Abu DhabiSaharsaMohd Habib
Abul Mansoor AbbasiBE MECHANICALA.M.E LLC - Abu Dhabi - UAE19881998Abu DhabiLucknowNRSC
Abuzar Mohd. ZulqarnaienEngg ( Mech )TRANSCO (WED)19691976Abu DhabiKolkataSir Sulaiman
Adeel Ahmad KhanM.Tech(Petroleum Procrssing & Petrochemical Engineering)Technical Parts Company20002008Abu DhabiAligarhNRSC
Afrozul HaqPh. DMinistry of Health19791984Abu DhabiGhaziabadMohd Habib
Afrozul Haq Sheikh Khalifa Medical City19791984Abu DhabiGhaziabadMohd Habib
Aftab AhmadB.Sc in Electrical Engineering,1991-95 19911995Abu DhabiPatnaMohd Habib
Aftab Yusuf UAE Government19791984Abu DhabiPatnaMohd Habib
Ahmad HusainPh.D. 20062011Abu DhabiMoradabadSir Sulaiman
Ahmad NadeemBE CivilArabian Construction Company20002004Abu DhabiLucknowAftab
Ahmad Nafees AnsariPhD (Chemical Engineering)...The Petroleum Institute (ADNOC)19962002Abu DhabiTandaSir Syed(N)
Ahmad Omar skmc19961998Abu DhabiAmmanNRSC
Ahmad S. Shatnawi Oman & Emirates Investment Holding Co.19921995Abu DhabiAmmanNRSC
Ahmar Azmi Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank19891998Abu DhabiAligarhNRSC
Ahmar Manzoor SiddiquiB.Sc (Engg)Star Cement Company19891997Abu DhabiAligarhNRSC
Ahmed Ashraf Babu Global Business Services19871995Abu DhabiCalicutSir Sulaiman
Aizaz Usmani PDHH19851993Abu DhabiLucknowSir Ziauddin
Akbar Khan DhabiSamastipurViqarul Mulk
Akhtar MehdiB.E ( Civil ) ADNOC Distribution 19861995Abu DhabiLucknowAftab
Ali Rafi BakhshMRCP (UK)Zayed Military Hospital19731986Abu DhabiBudaunMohd Habib
Amir Husain Khan  19871992Abu DhabiMoradabadSir Syed(N)
Amir Mohd Siddiqui Architect Engineer20032006Abu DhabiShahjahanpurRoss Masood
Amir Siddiqui AL Futtaim19921999Abu DhabiVaranasiSir Sulaiman
Anupam Agarwal E&Y19962002Abu DhabiAligarhNRSC
Anwar Raza SNC LAVALIN19882004Abu DhabiBihar SharifSir Ziauddin
Anwar Syed Ali  19911998Abu DhabiAligarhNRSC
Anwarul HaqueMBANational Catering Company,Abu Dhabi, UAE20012006Abu DhabiBalliaRoss Masood
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