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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Aftab AlamM.ComEmirates NBD19952002Al AinSiddarth NagarMohsinul-Mulk
Al Mutaz Mohamed Abdalla UAE - Al-Ain19901993Al AinKhartoumSir Sulaiman
Al Mutaz Mohamed AbdullaPhDTAWAM HOSPITAL AL AIN19901993Al AinKhartoumSir Sulaiman
Asif Ali KhanMD, EDICAl Ain Hospital19872000Al AinNew DelhiHadi Hasan
Azam Ali BegTOPA TECHAl Ain Wildlife Park and Resort (AWPR)19861994Al AinAligarhNRSC
Fakhre Alam SiddiquiMCAMinistry of Justice (UAE)19911999Al AinDeoriaMohsinul-Mulk
Hina Alam  19771987Al AinLucknowAbdullah
Iqbal Ahmad Dr.M.D.SEHA ABU DHABI19741988Al AinGondaSir Syed(N)
M.Qaisar Alam Fakhri Al-Farah Group of Companies19941996Al AinDarbhangaMohsinul-Mulk
Md Shahnawaz Alamadvanced diploma in computer applicationAL FARA'A GROUP OF COMPANIES19992005Al AinWest ChamparanMohsinul-Mulk
Md. KhurshidGRADUATENil19911993Al AinAsansolAftab
Mohammad Chand JamaliPhD,MFSc,MSc(LE),FIBMS,MIBMS,PGDLT(Cl.Path.),MBA(Hospital Administration)GHQ Armed Forces UAE19871993Al AinChapraMohsinul-Mulk
Mohammad Khalid M.B.A from L.N. MISHRA INSTITUTE , PATNASUN GROUP , A TYRE COMPANY19931999Al AinJamshedpurMohsinul-Mulk
Mohammad Khurram SaeedM.TECH-THERMALBIN DARWISH GEN. CONT.19902000Al AinAligarhNRSC
Mohammad Nabi Ahmad  19721995Al AinGhazipurSir Syed(S)
Mohd HaiderMBAGULF ELECTRONICS -ABUDHABI19922000Al AinAmrohaAftab
Muhammed SalihPh.D.Registrar, University of Calicut19801991Al AinCalicutSir Ziauddin
Nazar Mustafa ZakiPh.D-19911996Al AinKhartoumSir Sulaiman
Qamruzzama KhanGRADUATEAL FARA'A GROUP OF COMPANIES20002004Al AinNaugarhAllama Iqbal
Seraj Alam  19701980Al AinGorakhpurViqarul Mulk
Shabina Jamshed JamshedD.T.UNO19911995Al AinGayaIndra Gandhi
Syed Tariq Ali None19891997Al AinAligarhNRSC
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