use kahanaa ke palko.n par na Taa.Nke Khvaab kii jhaalar  |   samandar ke kinaare ghar banaa ke kuchh nahii.n milataa (Unknown)
Alumni List
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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Abdullah Mohammad Awil Jamjoom Hvy. Equipment19801984RiyadhMogadishuNot Available
Hassan Haji MohamudB.A psychologyIAC19821986ColumbusMogadhishoAllama Iqbal
Khadar Ghalib  19781983SevernSevernAftab
Khadar Jama Ghalib  19791983BaltimoreMogadishuAftab
Mohamed Ibrahim M.DabaraniB.COM (HONS)Self19731976OttawaMogadishuRoss Masood
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