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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Apichart Anas AmatayakulPhDMahidol University, Thailand19841994BangkokBangkokMohd Habib
Bandit Aroman still Study20032008AligarhMunburiNRSC
Chariyada ChantarungsriPhD.Government Officer, Lecturer, Coordinate Committee of MBA Project19952002BangkokBangkokNRSC
Choungchai Powintara GOVERNMENT SERVICE19691972BangkokBangkokAftab
Kariya Lohmud self19661973BangkokBangkokAftab
Manus Suttikan student20062008MeangMeangNRSC
Mohd. Shukree Sookree19981998BangkokBangkokAbdullah
Mohd.Akbar  19942001BangkokBangkokNRSC
Mr.Chalerm Lohmud Minar International Trading Co;Ltd.19631967BangkokBangkokAftab
Pairush SermpongsB.Sc.Engineering 19781983AyuthayaAyuthayaAftab
Pongsak Wongsan  19911995WangthonglangWangthonglangNRSC
Pongsak, PGDBA.Santichon Islamic School19911995WangthonglangWangthonglangNRSC
Pramook Mukhtar Mooktaree Self Employed(Hotels Owner)19691973BangkokBangkokAftab
Somchai Muangmanee (Air Vice Marshal)  19651967BangkokBangkokAftab
Suaida Naknawa  20062008BangkokBangkokNRSC
Sulaida Arunpoolsap study20012004AligarhBangkokAbdullah
Sulaida ArunpoolsapM.A. in Economics 20012005BkkBkkAbdullah
Worawut Abidean Wankhwandoing Ph.D 20042008AligarhRamkhamhaengNRSC
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