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Alumni List
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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Aafaq HyderMBBS 19971998AnantnagAnantnagAllama Iqbal
Aamir JalaliMBAIdbi bank20062011AnantnagAnantnagSir Ziauddin
Abid Rasheed STUDENT19972001New DelhiAnantnagSir Ziauddin
Abid Rasheed Mattoo STUDENT19972001BangaloreAnantnagSir Ziauddin
Afaq Ahmed BhatMTAThomas Cook19912001AnantnagAnantnagRoss Masood
Afroz Ahmad Shah student19982003KanpurAnantnagSir Sulaiman
Aijaz Ahmad Shah Student19942003AligarhAnantnagAllama Iqbal
Altaf Hussain Shah p.g scholar19972004BangaloreAnantnagSir Syed(N)
Ashraf BhatPhD 20002004JazanAnantnagSir Syed(S)
Asif Nazir Baba .  19942004AnantnagAnantnagHadi Hasan
Bilal Ahmad Bhat  20032009AligarhAnantnagMohsinul-Mulk
Farooq Ahamad ChadooPHd 19961999AnantnagAnantnagAllama Iqbal
Farooq Hussain  19952004AnantnagAnantnagSir Syed(S)
Farrukh Faheem Faheem  19912001DelhiAnantnagAftab
Fayaz Ahmad Bhat STUDENT19962003AligarhAnantnagSir Syed(S)
Firdoos Ahmad Itoo  19982004New DelhiAnantnagViqarul Mulk
Firdous Khanday  19921997PittsburghAnantnagSir Syed(S)
Gowhar Rasool  19911999AnantnagAnantnagAllama Iqbal
Hamid Jan Bader HAIF COMPANY19942002RiyadhAnantnagMinto Circle
Intesar SuhailMsc.Wildlife ScienceWildlife Protction Deptt. J&K Govt19891995AnantnagAnantnagAftab
Jaibeer Ahmad Lowe Lintas19911998New DelhiAnantnagSir Ziauddin
Jaleel Ahsan ZargerPh.D,PdfJK GOVT19982006BaramullaAnantnagSir Syed(S)
Manzoor Ahmad Gatoo  19912003AligarhAnantnagSir Syed(S)
Mohamad Junaid  19982004New DelhiAnantnagAllama Iqbal
Mohammad Zahid  19982000MoradabadAnantnagMohsinul-Mulk
Mubashir Ahmad Malik  19972001AnantnagAnantnagSir Ziauddin
Mujeeb LiyakatPh.D in journalism and mass communicationAssistant professor in journalism and mass communication19982012AligarhAnantnagSir Ziauddin
Mushtaq Hussain WaniSTILL CARRYING OUT PHD 19992008AnantnagAnantnagViqarul Mulk
Nadif KhurshaidB.TECHCSC20022008NoidaAnantnagAllama Iqbal
Nisar. K.S student20022004MananthavadyAnantnagSir Ziauddin
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