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PictureNameHighest QualificationEmployerFromToCurrently inOriginally fromHall
Aal E AliM.Sc 19761984SydneyAzamgarhSir Sulaiman
Abdul AleemM.A. (English)Telecom19922000DammamAzamgarhAllama Iqbal
Abdul Azim Islahi AMU /King Abdulaziz University19721977JeddahAzamgarhSir Sulaiman
Abdul Aziz Ansari, Dr.Ph. D. (Chemistry)Assistant Director, Northern India Textile Research Association (NITRA), Ghaziabad19791990GhaziabadAzamgarhSir Sulaiman
Abdul Haseeb KhanBSC Engineering ElectricalParsons International& Co LLC19701979MuscatAzamgarhMohsinul-Mulk
Abdul Majeed AnsariM.A (Sociology) LL.BSelf19861994MumbaiAzamgarhViqarul Mulk
Abdul Qadir Jilani  19962004AligarhAzamgarhSir Ziauddin
Abdul RahmanPh.D (Geology)PARSONS 19791991DubaiAzamgarhSir Syed(N)
Abdul Rahman Student19982004AligarhAzamgarhViqarul Mulk
Abdul Rub KhanMBA 20042007LucknowAzamgarhAftab
Abdul WafeyM.Sc (Chem)SWCC19711976KhobarAzamgarhNot Available
Abdullah KhanMBA 19922004DelhiAzamgarhNRSC
Abdullah AzizMBABritish Telecom19922000New DelhiAzamgarhMohd Habib
Abdullah AzizB.U.M.S.Ibne Sina Tibbiya College Beenapara Azamgarh UP19932001AzamgarhAzamgarhSir Syed(N)
Abdullah ImranM.A. 20022010AligarhAzamgarhMohd Habib
Abdullah Ishtiaque10+2 20022005New DelhiAzamgarhAllama Iqbal
Abdullah Nisar SiddiquiM.Arch 20042006New DelhiAzamgarhMohsinul-Mulk
Abdullah Zaheer KhanDiploma Engineering 19801990AligarhAzamgarhNRSC
Abdur Rahman  20012003AzamgarhAzamgarhMohsinul-Mulk
Abdur Razique Ayaz AhmadMphilAli N. Al Nassar & Partners Co.20002006Al KhobarAzamgarhAftab
Abdur Razique Ayaz AhmadM. PhilAli N. Al Nassar & Partners Company20002006KhobarAzamgarhAftab
Abu Bakar AnsariM. Sc.KAA Military Academy19641971RiyadhAzamgarhNot Available
Abu NasarPh.D.AMU20092016AligarhAzamgarhNot Available
Abu OmamaM B A, B.Com (Hons).U.P. State Government, India19761983LucknowAzamgarhSir Sulaiman
Abu Rafay  19992006New DelhiAzamgarhNRSC
Abu Saad AhmadDBAService Al-muzamia19801985RiyadhAzamgarhNot Available
Abu Salim  19891998New DelhiAzamgarhRoss Masood
Abu Salim Azmi Emirates Group (Dnata Cargo)19942000DubaiAzamgarhMohsinul-Mulk
Abu Shama  20032006AligarhAzamgarhAllama Iqbal
Abu TalibB. COM, DBAAl-Rai Food Ind.19781984RiyadhAzamgarhNot Available
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